Open postdoc positions

We at the Secure Systems group at Aalto University have several open positions for postdoctoral researchers in system security. We are looking for people with a variety of diffent backgrounds. If you have a passion for and a track record in one (or more!) of the following areas, you may be the right person for one of these openings: In addition to these core areas our work touches on several other areas such as exploring security and privacy concerns in cloud-assisted services or applying cryptographic techniques to solve system security problems. Ensuring ease-of-use and improving likelihood of deployment are two consistent themes that inform all our the design choices we make in our work. NOTE: If you are an excellent system security researcher but have not had prior experience in any of these areas, we would still like to hear from you. We can tailor positions that suit the expertise of excellent candidates.

About Secure Systems

The positions are in projects led by Prof. N. Asokan. Asokan is a Professor at Aalto University. He joined the academia after a long career as a security and privacy reseracher in leading industrial research laboratories. The mission of the group is to find ways of designing systems that are simultaneously secure, easy-to-use, and inexpensive to deploy. The group is the home for the Helsinki "spoke" of the ICRI-CARS, the Intel Institute focussing on securing autonomous systems. In 2013, we won a Google Faculty Research Award for our proposed research in contextual security. In the last few years we have been publishing and presenting our work in top tier security conferences (like ACM CCS and NDSS) and systems/networking conferences (like WWW, DAC, PerCom, UbiComp and ICDCS). As a systems security group, we believe in building (and breaking) things. As a result, we also demonstrate our work in high profile industry events (like BlackHat Europe and CeBIT). We collaborate with top security researchers from academia and industry around the world.

To get a glimpse of the kind of work we do, take a look at a quick overview presentation or our project pages or our blog.

Secure Systems group is part of HAIC -- Helsinki Aalto Center for Information Security directed by Prof. Asokan.

About these positions

As a postdoctoral researcher, you will help lead our activities in the area of your expertise. You will be working with Prof. Asokan and talented doctoral and MSc students involved in these activities which span multiple on-going projects including: The capital region of Finland is a safe place to live and work. Finland routinely comes out as a a top nation in the world for health and safety, gender equality, education and for raising a family. If you are from France, Spain, Egypt, UK or Japan you may be exempt from income tax when you come to work in Finland as a researcher or teacher for a period of two years. Consult the Finnish Tax Administration for authoritative information and advice.

Required qualifications

You have a profound understanding of the basic techniques in your primary area of expertise in security/privacy research (e.g., platform security or application of data analytics for security or secure distributed systems) and have experience in applying them. You also have prior research experience in this area as evidenced by publications in top notch venues. In addition to subject matter expertise, If you are interested in this position, drop a message to Prof. Asokan with your current CV and a description of why you think you are a good fit.
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