Recent talks

Can Blockchains be made better using hardware-assisted security (slides, version of September 2018, [pdf],[slide show])
Securing Cloud-assisted Services (slides, version of September 2018, [pdf], [slide show])
Machine learning in the presence of adversaries [slides version of April 2018]
Common-sense applications of hardware-based trusted execution environments [slides version of March 2018]
Talk at Huawei/Finland security research workshop: InfoSec Reasearch and Education @Aalto, Machine Learning and Security, MiniONN [slides version of December 2017]
  • Invited talk at the Huawei/Finland security workshop, December 2017.
Oblivious Neural Network Predictions via MiniONN Transformations [slides version of November 2017]
Trusted Computing and Analytics [slides version of October 2017]
Security, Privacy and Machine Learning [slides version of October 2017]
Fast client-side phishing detection: A case-study in applying machine learning to solve security/privacy problems [slides version of May 2017]
Remote Attestation Tutorial [slides version of April 2017]
Technology Transfer from Security Research Projects: A Personal Perspective [slides version of November 2016]
How Far Removed Are You? Scalable Privacy-Preserving Estimation of Social Path Length [slides version of September 2016]
Third TCE Summer School on Computer Security, Technion, Haifa, Israel.
Slides and pointers to further reading, video 1, video 2 and video 3.
    Things, Trouble, Trust: On Building Trust in IoT Systems [slides version of August 2016]

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