Recent talks

Technology Transfer from Security Research Projects: A Personal Perspective (slides, version of December 2022 [pdf], [slideshow])
Extraction of Complex DNN Models: Real Threat or Boogeyman (slides, version of August 2022, [pdf], [slideshow])
Confidence in AI systems: Can we trust AI-based systems? (slides, version of August 2022, [pdf], [slideshow])
Hardware-assisted Run-time Protection: on balancing security and deployability (slides, version of October 2021, [pdf], [slideshow])
Hardware-assisted Run-time Protection (slides, version of August 2021, [pdf], [slideshow])
Security, Privacy, and Machine Learning (slides, version of January 2020, [pdf], [slideshow])
Trustworthy & Accountable Function-as-a-Service (slides, version of January 2020, [pdf], [slideshow])
Hardware-assisted Trusted Execution Environments: Look Back, Look Ahead (slides, version of November 2019, [pdf], [slideshow])

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